"Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option." ~Peter Parker

Friday, September 10, 2010


As I was cleaning out some boxes the other day I found an Elton John "Love Songs" CD that I have.  So for the past few days it's pretty much all I've listened to - because I LOVE Sir Elton John.  So, when I picked my Little Superhero from school yesterday "Your Song" was playing....and I explained to him that when he was in my tummy I sang this song to him and when he was a baby.  I'm pretty sure he thinks I wrote it...because after I sang it and told him the name, he said "why did you name it that?" - because to a 5 year old, Mom can do anything!  So, not your typical lullaby, huh?  But I love, love, LOVE the line "how wonderful life is now you're in the world".  Just because the moment we found out we were pregnant our lives changed.  I remember telling my mom when I was pregnant that if I didn't believe in God, there would be no denying it now.  To feel him move and kick was just the greatest experience.  I had such a wonderful pregnancy....I loved it....as my mom says...when other time can you assist God in a miracle!  And honestly I just sit in awe of my child sometimes - because he never ceases to amaze me.  

Okay, back to my non-traditional lullaby.  Do any of you have a "song" that you sing to your child?  I got to thinking how weird it may seem that I chose an Elton John song.  For one thing...I was born in 1982 - I grew up New Kids on the Block (not NKTOB).  So Elton John was a little before my time.  Well, background check on me:  I am an only child of a single mom. So, I was raised on my mom's music...so Elton John is right up my alley!  One of my favorite memories of growing up was EVERY Saturday morning I woke up to my mom cleaning with her record player (yes, I said record player...and yes, this was mid 90's!) blasting Carol King.  Yes, I know all the lyrics to Carol Kings albums.  I think it's neat that when one comes on the radio we both reach to turn it up.  We are pretty amazing like that...me and her.  Well, she's quite amazing.  I follow right in her footsteps of picking non-traditional songs for our kids.  Hers for me:  "Superman" by Barbra Streisand.  She sang this to me even in High School.    Isn't it funny we both chose love songs for our children?  That is one thing I can say without a doubt...I am loved unconditionally by my mother...it's such an amazing comfort to have that.  I pray that my child feels this too.  I know a 5 year old can only comprehend "love" to a certain point, but one day (like I can now) I want him to understand it.  

You know how when you were in trouble or denied something you really wanted...your parents would say "one day when you are a parent, you will understand".  Well, it's the same for love too.  I don't think I could really understand my mom's love for me until I had my child.  I think it's the same for my salvation.  I explained it to our youth group this way once:  "I have been saved since I was young.  I've accepted Christ in my heart and I believe that God sent his one and only son to die for me.  I understood this, I knew it, I thought it was pretty amazing - the idea of it.  But when I had my son, my very own flesh and blood, the idea of the sacrifice was so much more personal to me.  Because I look at you and then I look at my son, and then I look back at you, and then to him...and I know that I can't even conceive the idea of giving him up for you.  I mean he's mine, he's my only son....and that's when I can truly understand and appreciate the amazing gift of salvation."  Wow...don't we serve an awesome God!  (and can you believe I got from Elton John to God in the same blog?!)

Peace Out! K

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Memory Bracelets

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So my Little Superhero started Kindergarten this year (sniff, sniff).  He is my only child and dare I say - a "little" spoiled, or as I've always said "well loved".  Although he had gone to daycare since he was two Mr.W and I decided I would take off work and spend his last year at home with him.  It has been a blessing.  So, to the point of the picture!  I knew it would be a little hard for both of us his first day of school, so I spent the night before making us "friendship bracelets".  I wanted to make something discreet and something a BIG boy would not oppose to wear.  I chose to make them in red and blue - why - Spiderman colors, of course!  My bracelet is on the left and his is on the right.  My bracelet is red with a small section of blue, and his is blue with a small section of red.  The next morning when we were getting ready I gave my Little Superhero the bracelets with this explanation: These are our memory bracelets, I have one and he has one.  Red is for Mommy and Blue for Little Superhero.  Each of us as a little of each other on our bracelets.  So while he's at school and I'm at home when we miss each other, we can just look down and see that we carry each other with us.  And that this helps us remember that the other person is thinking about us, loves us, and will see each other at the end of the day.  So, it's pretty simple...a hobby I haven't done in years (it was all the rage in Jr.High!)...but it comforted a 5 year old and especially a 27 year old mommy that day.  I was glad to get this reaction when I picked him up:  "Mommy, I didn't even miss you today" "You didn't?" "No, because every time I thought I was going to, I just looked at my bracelet and remembered!"  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Peace Out! K

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The memory of an Elephant

So, yesterday Little Superhero got in the car after school and was almost in a panic...why?  Something about he didn't get a magazine, a Scooby Doo T-Shirt, a radio that you wear on your head, and my signature...and that it had to be turned in Tomorrow (which is Today).  So, that is all the information I could get....just a long stream of panic.  I had to "talk him from the ledge" (at least that's what I imagined it would be like!) and assure him I would email Mrs.S and find out and would go in the morning and sign it if I needed to.  Well, last night Little Superhero asks me if I "attached" Mrs. S about it....I'm guessing "attach" is "email".  Because he has the memory of an elephant!  This morning I go in with Little Superhero and talk to Mrs.S.  Here's my conversation: "Is there some Scooby Doo magazine that I need to sign that is due today?"  "YES!  Our computer education magazine drive".  Apparently, the order forms were sent in their folders the day before, but one didn't make it into our backpack.  But they changed the due date until Friday, which was great because I had to write 11 addresses down and there was no way I knew that many by heart...I know like 3 (maybe!).  So family - be looking for them in the mail soon - the first of MANY fundraisers!  Some people often dismiss children when they are trying to tell information, but I know my Little Superhero and with his elephant memory...if you tell him something, he's going to remember.  I told his teacher it's good to know that he's on top of things!  LOL.  And what was the first thing he said to me when I picked him up today? "Mom, did you get the magazine to bring tomorrow?"  Yes I did.

Just a little part of my day - It's late, so I'll write more about my day tomorrow.  BUT, I wanted to give a shout out to my first follower Jacob!  I was excited to see that....and even more excited to see 2 more tonight...keep them coming!

Peace Out!  K

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raising a Super Hero - no ordinary life for me!

"Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option."  I knew I wanted my blog title to have something about being a Super Hero's mom (I'll tell you why in a minute)....and I'm big on quotes...like I LOVE quotes, so I thought it would be great to find a cute quote by a superhero.  So where did I turn to?...my 2nd BFF - google, which by the way I LOVE too.  So anyways, I googled (hm, my computer spell checked that word, but I'm pretty sure it's a word since I totally use it all the time) "superhero quotes" and found the most absolute perfect quote by Peter Parker - WHO? - for those of you who may not be "superhero" identity smart, that would be your "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man".  This quote applies to my life in so many areas.  First of all, as a Christian, and one who is called into the ministry, I know I can no longer lead an ordinary life - but must strive to live a Christ-like life, as hard as that may be.  Second, I hung my "ordinary life" up when I married my wonderful hubby and we were blessed with our son.  Hubby, Son - WHO...okay, so I have changed the names to protect the innocent....well, actually since this is can be viewed publicly I didn't want to blog their names all over.....so for blogging purposes I have chosen the following for them.  My dear hubby is "Mr.W"-why? you ask...well, he is a HS Teacher and generally if I am within 5 feet of a High School boy I'm asked "Where's Mr.W."  I must say he's a pretty awesome teacher...at least that's what I'm told!  I once was at the movies (where I swear all the workers have had my hubby for a teacher)....and here's my conversation with some 16 year old kid..."so, you Mr.W's wife" "yes" "wow, that must be fun" "oh yeah, it's a party everyday!".....it makes me laugh, because it really is kind of a party sometimes, my hubby is quite entertaining!  So, onto my little man....or "little Superhero" as I have renamed him.  Well, my son has always been into superheros....always.  For a good part of age 3 he wore a Spiderman outfit while at home - so cute :).  But onto the main story behind his name.  So, one day leaving Mr.W's school we saw the football team training.  Little superhero said that he wanted to go see a football game.  My cousin starts on his varsity football team, mascot Bobcats....so I told Little Superhero that we would go to his games.  Which he was way excited because he would get to wear his Bobcats shirt (which I got him on sale in off season from Wally World for $1...awesome...look at me thinking ahead!)  So, we got to talking about mascots...and he said he wanted to be a Bobcat....hm, PROBLEM, we live a town over from my cousin, so technically we are rivals....and we are Mavericks (which is just really a Longhorn, but red).  So, I explained to him that when he grew up he would be a Maverick not a Bobcat.  Which is where this part of the conversation came it:  "I don't want to be a Maverick when I grow up (he was near tears saying this)" "Why not Buddy?"  "I wanted to be a Superhero when I grew up!"....it was too cute, because he was dead serious.  So, I had to let him know he could still be a Superhero, hence I am now raising a Superhero!  Well, my first post is long, but just a few of the wonderful things and people I have in my life.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in my not-so ordinary life!  Peace Out! K