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Friday, September 10, 2010


As I was cleaning out some boxes the other day I found an Elton John "Love Songs" CD that I have.  So for the past few days it's pretty much all I've listened to - because I LOVE Sir Elton John.  So, when I picked my Little Superhero from school yesterday "Your Song" was playing....and I explained to him that when he was in my tummy I sang this song to him and when he was a baby.  I'm pretty sure he thinks I wrote it...because after I sang it and told him the name, he said "why did you name it that?" - because to a 5 year old, Mom can do anything!  So, not your typical lullaby, huh?  But I love, love, LOVE the line "how wonderful life is now you're in the world".  Just because the moment we found out we were pregnant our lives changed.  I remember telling my mom when I was pregnant that if I didn't believe in God, there would be no denying it now.  To feel him move and kick was just the greatest experience.  I had such a wonderful pregnancy....I loved it....as my mom says...when other time can you assist God in a miracle!  And honestly I just sit in awe of my child sometimes - because he never ceases to amaze me.  

Okay, back to my non-traditional lullaby.  Do any of you have a "song" that you sing to your child?  I got to thinking how weird it may seem that I chose an Elton John song.  For one thing...I was born in 1982 - I grew up New Kids on the Block (not NKTOB).  So Elton John was a little before my time.  Well, background check on me:  I am an only child of a single mom. So, I was raised on my mom's music...so Elton John is right up my alley!  One of my favorite memories of growing up was EVERY Saturday morning I woke up to my mom cleaning with her record player (yes, I said record player...and yes, this was mid 90's!) blasting Carol King.  Yes, I know all the lyrics to Carol Kings albums.  I think it's neat that when one comes on the radio we both reach to turn it up.  We are pretty amazing like that...me and her.  Well, she's quite amazing.  I follow right in her footsteps of picking non-traditional songs for our kids.  Hers for me:  "Superman" by Barbra Streisand.  She sang this to me even in High School.    Isn't it funny we both chose love songs for our children?  That is one thing I can say without a doubt...I am loved unconditionally by my mother...it's such an amazing comfort to have that.  I pray that my child feels this too.  I know a 5 year old can only comprehend "love" to a certain point, but one day (like I can now) I want him to understand it.  

You know how when you were in trouble or denied something you really wanted...your parents would say "one day when you are a parent, you will understand".  Well, it's the same for love too.  I don't think I could really understand my mom's love for me until I had my child.  I think it's the same for my salvation.  I explained it to our youth group this way once:  "I have been saved since I was young.  I've accepted Christ in my heart and I believe that God sent his one and only son to die for me.  I understood this, I knew it, I thought it was pretty amazing - the idea of it.  But when I had my son, my very own flesh and blood, the idea of the sacrifice was so much more personal to me.  Because I look at you and then I look at my son, and then I look back at you, and then to him...and I know that I can't even conceive the idea of giving him up for you.  I mean he's mine, he's my only son....and that's when I can truly understand and appreciate the amazing gift of salvation."  Wow...don't we serve an awesome God!  (and can you believe I got from Elton John to God in the same blog?!)

Peace Out! K

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