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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The memory of an Elephant

So, yesterday Little Superhero got in the car after school and was almost in a panic...why?  Something about he didn't get a magazine, a Scooby Doo T-Shirt, a radio that you wear on your head, and my signature...and that it had to be turned in Tomorrow (which is Today).  So, that is all the information I could get....just a long stream of panic.  I had to "talk him from the ledge" (at least that's what I imagined it would be like!) and assure him I would email Mrs.S and find out and would go in the morning and sign it if I needed to.  Well, last night Little Superhero asks me if I "attached" Mrs. S about it....I'm guessing "attach" is "email".  Because he has the memory of an elephant!  This morning I go in with Little Superhero and talk to Mrs.S.  Here's my conversation: "Is there some Scooby Doo magazine that I need to sign that is due today?"  "YES!  Our computer education magazine drive".  Apparently, the order forms were sent in their folders the day before, but one didn't make it into our backpack.  But they changed the due date until Friday, which was great because I had to write 11 addresses down and there was no way I knew that many by heart...I know like 3 (maybe!).  So family - be looking for them in the mail soon - the first of MANY fundraisers!  Some people often dismiss children when they are trying to tell information, but I know my Little Superhero and with his elephant memory...if you tell him something, he's going to remember.  I told his teacher it's good to know that he's on top of things!  LOL.  And what was the first thing he said to me when I picked him up today? "Mom, did you get the magazine to bring tomorrow?"  Yes I did.

Just a little part of my day - It's late, so I'll write more about my day tomorrow.  BUT, I wanted to give a shout out to my first follower Jacob!  I was excited to see that....and even more excited to see 2 more tonight...keep them coming!

Peace Out!  K

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